Moving Into a Care Home – When Should an Elderly Person Go Into a Care Home?

Moving into a care home can be a highly emotional experience for everyone involved. At Jackman’s Lodge, we’re here to offer exceptional support and guidance during this challenging time. Our caring and compassionate team can provide valuable advice for families with elderly loved ones, including detailed information about when might be the right time to consider a nursing home for your family member.

A care home may be the most suitable option if you or your loved one has:

  • Experienced difficulties living alone (even with assistance from friends, family and paid carers)
  • Had a needs assessment that suggests care is the most appropriate choice
  • A complex medical condition that requires specialist attention day and night

Who decides if my loved one moves into a care home?

When considering moving into a care home, the decision-making process usually involves collaboration among the individual, their family and their care coordinator.

If your loved one is mentally capable of making decisions about their care, they have the primary authority to decide whether to move into a care home. However, it’s common for the individual requiring nursing home level-care to have lost the ability to make decisions for themselves.

In such cases, someone else, usually the person’s attorney under a health and welfare Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), will need to make the decision on their behalf.

If you’re currently caring for a loved one and believe it might be the right time for them to move into a care home, start by having a conversation with them about it. You might be surprised to find that they are more open to discussing the option than you initially assumed. However, if your loved one is resistant or unable to discuss the prospect due to illness, having an LPA in place can enable you to make the right decision, based on their best interests.

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How do I know if I need to move into a care home?

Determining whether it’s the right time for you or your loved one to move into a care home is an extremely personal decision that will depend on a number of factors. Below are some considerations to help you evaluate your situation:

Health and Care Requirements – Assess the individual’s current health condition and care needs. If requirements are complex, for example, if the elderly person requires daily help to bathe, dress and manage medication, a care home could provide the necessary support.

Safety – Consider the safety of the individual’s current living environment. If their home possesses significant risks or challenges, a care home that features specialised facilities and accessibility may offer a safer living arrangement.

Social Support – Evaluate the individual’s social support system. If they’re expressing feelings of isolation or loneliness, a care home can provide the opportunity for regular social engagement.

Financial Considerations – Understand the expenses involved, including accommodation, meals, services and any additional care required. Assess whether the individual has the appropriate financial means to support the transition into a care home.

At Jackman’s Lodge, we understand you may be nervous about paying for your, or your loved ones, care. Click here to access some helpful information on paying for a care home.

Personal Preferences  Consider the individual’s personal desires and how they align with the lifestyle and services provided in a care home. Reflect on what’s most important to them, whether that’s privacy, independence, regular activities or socialisation.

When considering moving into a care home, it can also be beneficial to discuss your situation with a healthcare professional. They will be in the position to offer tailored guidance by assessing your needs, exploring the options available to you, and providing valuable insight.

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Things to consider before moving into a care home

At Jackman’s Lodge, we understand that moving into a care home can be a worrying time for both the person moving and their family and friends. It might never feel like the right time, but being as prepared as possible for the move can help ensure everything runs smoothly.

Below, we’ve put together a checklist of advice on moving into a care home, designed to help you and your loved one prepare for the move and settle into this new routine.

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Moving into a care home – checklist

  1. Do Your Research – Spend time researching local nursing homes that can meet the individual’s personal requirements. Schedule visits to assess their facilities, services and overall atmosphere.
  2. Plan Your Finances – Grasp an understanding of the costs associated with care homes, including accommodation, meals and additional services.
  3. Arrange a Care Assessment – Organise a care assessment to determine the individual’s specific care needs. Create a care plan that assesses you or your loved one’s medical, personal and social requirements.
  4. Sort Through Belongings –  Begin packing essential items like clothing, personal documents and sentimental items, ensuring to keep items that remind the individual of home.
  5. Notify Relevant Parties – Inform healthcare providers, insurance companies and utility providers about the individual’s upcoming move. Ensure all important documents are organised and easily accessible.
  6. Consider Logistics – Arrange for movers or friends and family to assist with the move.
  7. Familiarise the Individual With Their New Home – Ensure the individual takes the time to familiarise themselves with the routines and daily schedules of the care home. Communicate any preferences to staff and decorate their new living space with familiar items that can evoke a homely feel.
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Moving into a care home | how Jackman’s Lodge can help ease the transition

Here at Jackman’s Lodge, we understand how difficult it can be to determine when to consider a care home. That’s why we strive to make it as easy as possible for you to decide whether we’re the right care home for you. We strive to go the extra mile to ensure that our residents feel completely at home in our care.

To experience the warm and welcoming nature of our home first-hand, book a visit with us today. Alternatively, if you’d like to receive further advice and guidance on moving into a care home, please get in touch with our team on 01483 694144. We look forward to hearing from you.

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