Post-Operative Convalescent Home in Surrey

If you or your loved one needs extra support after an illness or operation, Jackman’s Lodge is the perfect convalescent care facility for you. During their recovery period at our care home in Surrey, your loved one will feel welcome and cared for the entire time. Our short-term convalescent care can suit a range of needs and our compassionate team will always put your loved one first. To learn more about our post-operative convalescent home, please get in touch via the button below.

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Post-Operative Rehabilitation and Convalescent Care

When you or someone you love is recovering from an injury or illness, it can be difficult to complete day-to-day tasks as normal. This is why we offer compassionate convalescent care services at Jackman’s Lodge. We provide specialist post-surgery care and assistance until you are back on your feet. Sit back and let us take care of the rest while you recover. When you come to our post-operative convalescent home in Surrey, you won’t need to worry about tasks like cooking or cleaning or any care that is personal to you. Our considerate team is fully trained and will make sure you are comfortable for your entire stay.

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Short Term Convalescent Care

To discuss your or your loved one’s convalescent care requirements, call our welcoming team today on01483 694115 . We can discuss post-operative care plans that might be the most appropriate for you and ease your mind with any questions you may have about the process. If you are usually able to take care of yourself at home but are recovering from an injury or illness, our short-term convalescent care home will suit your needs until you’ve recovered. Our post-surgery care facilities strive to rebuild your confidence and independence during your recovery period.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is convalescent care?

At Jackman’s Lodge, we offer compassionate convalescent care services on a short-term basis. Care is provided by skilled carers to individuals recovering from an illness, operation or injury. Convalescent care is usually provided with the end goal being for the individual to regain both their physical health and independence. We assist our residents in reaching a stage in their recovery where they feel able to return home.

How long can a person receive convalescent care?

According to the NHS, most people who receive convalescent care usually do so for approximately 1-2 weeks. However, in some cases, individuals can receive convalescent care at no cost for up to 6 weeks. At Jackman’s Lodge, we offer short-term convalescent care to help rebuild confidence and independence during an individual’s recovery period.

Who might benefit from convalescent care?

If you’re usually able to take care of yourself at home but require an extra helping hand while recovering from an injury or illness, our short-term convalescent care home might be the best option to suit your needs. This type of care spares families the burden of providing constant care for the person they love, allowing them to focus on spending quality time as a family.

What support does convalescent care provide?

Convalescent care homes are usually stocked with wheelchairs, oxygen, surgical dressings, hospital beds and all other necessary medical and surgical supplies. This eliminates the need for families and patients to acquire, learn to use and maintain these items themselves. At Jackman’s Lodge, our convalescent care services suit a range of needs, so you can rest assured that our caring team will always put your loved one first. When your family member comes to our home, they won’t need to worry about tasks like cooking, cleaning or any care that’s personal to them. Our specialist team is on hand 24/7 to make their stay as comfortable and productive as possible.

What is the main goal of convalescent care?

The main goal of convalescent care is to provide people with temporary, short-term care, allowing them to heal and grow strong after illness or injury and return home once recovered.
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