What is Dementia?

Dementia is a syndrome that is most often associated with memory loss. Memory loss can be caused by stress, tiredness or certain medicines in individual cases. However, memory loss as a symptom of dementia is caused by the ongoing decline of brain function. Unfortunately, there is no cure for dementia just yet, but receiving good care means people with dementia can still live enjoyable, fulfilling lives.

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What is Dementia Care?

Those with dementia can benefit from specialist nursing care beyond regular care due to the challenges the symptoms present in everyday life. Dementia care is provided 24 hours a day, and carers are ready to respond to the specific needs of those with dementia.


Why might a person with dementia need to move into a care home?

Moving into a residential dementia care home means a person with dementia can receive around-the-clock care by professionals. Specialist care is beneficial for them in enabling them to live a more dignified life. Moving to a care home also helps family and friends who may have been caring for the person with dementia between work, school and other commitments. Knowing professionals are looking after your loved one relieves stress and worry.



How Specialist Dementia Care Homes Are Different

Specialist Dementia Care Homes offer 1-to-1 care for those with Dementia, meaning a carer trained in specialist nursing care is always on hand. The staff are knowledgeable in the needs of their residents with dementia and will tailor meals, rooms and even furniture to best serve them in living as independently as possible.

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Common types of dementia – Alzheimer’s, Vascular, DLB

Different types of dementia can have different types of symptoms.

Alzheimer’s dementia is caused by the brain’s ability to send messages between nerve cells being damaged. It is usually recognisable due to an increased difficulty in learning and a struggle to remember dates and times.

The dying of brain cells due to a lack of blood flow is the cause of vascular dementia. Vascular dementia is often associated with experiencing small strokes. Symptoms of vascular dementia can include memory loss, personality changes and confusion. Unlike other types of dementia, which come about slowly, vascular dementia can develop with some speed.

DLB dementia stands for Dementia with Lewy bodies. This type of dementia can cause hallucinations and impact sleep and mental function. DLB occurs because protein forms inside brain cells where it is not supposed to be. Protein forming in cells responsible for vision, perception, thinking, or muscle movement will affect those functions.

Spotting signs of dementia

Symptoms of dementia can include memory loss, a decline in reasoning skills, language, learning or a personality change. If you or your loved one is over 65 and has seen an increase in memory loss recently, it is worth contacting your GP.

Our approach to dementia care

At the centre of our specialist dementia care is the belief that every resident deserves respect as a unique individual. We pride ourselves on being a residential dementia care home in Surrey that provides consistent care for dementia residents whilst also maximising their ability for independence.

We understand that the experience of moving to a care home can be daunting for the new resident and their family. We always work closely with families to ensure the transition goes as smoothly as possible for all involved. We tailor our care packages to each individual.

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Our Dementia Care Home Facilities

Our dementia care home in Woking offers bright and relaxing en-suite rooms, including a TV, telephone, adjustable beds, an internal nurse calling system and wifi. Many of the rooms feature stunning views over our gardens. The gardens are popular with our residents. They provide a place to connect with others or quietly relax amongst nature. Our welcoming communal rooms are available for all residents to enjoy. Jackman’s Lodge is entirely wheelchair accessible.

Our fantastic chefs and kitchen staff provide nutritional, tasty meals for our residents daily. Residents can choose whether to dine with others or in their rooms. We understand that everyone has their preference that may vary from day to day.

The Staff and training

Our wonderful staff prioritise care that is personalised to each resident. Jackman’s Lodge uses Person-centered software, a program that helps us to spend less time on admin tasks and more time with our residents. We offer various care packages to best suit your needs. In addition to elderly residential care, our staff are trained to provide comprehensive respite or convalescent care.

Dementia Care Activities

We arrange various dementia-friendly activities to stimulate our residents’ bodies and minds and foster social connections. These include chair-based yoga, singing, painting, baking, board games, quizzes, and more! Discover more information about our activities on this page.

Paying for a dementia care home

We understand that navigating finances around care homes can be complex and stressful. You may be eligible for funding to help with your payment. We have put detailed information together here for you to read through. Let us know if we can be of any help as you navigate this element. We are here to help make everything as smooth as possible.

Why choose our specialist dementia care?

If you are considering dementia care homes in Woking, Jackman’s Lodge is an excellent choice. Not only do we have fantastic facilities and beautiful grounds, you can be confident in our professionally trained staff. Your loved one will receive specialist care and support that prioritises their dignity and well-being. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help. Call us on 01483 761779

Frequently Asked Questions

When should a dementia patient go into a care home?

Choosing to move a loved one with dementia to a residential dementia care home is a difficult decision. However, making the move can offer relief and reassurance to your loved one, your family and yourself. Caring for a person with dementia is demanding and can become a full-time responsibility. Our staff are trained to do this job to a professional standard. If caring for your loved one at home is getting too much, we would love to help support you. Give us a call to discuss the options available. You can be confident that your loved one will be in safe hands at Jackman’s Lodge.
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