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Caring for a loved one is incredibly rewarding, but it is also very physically and mentally demanding. Even though you’re undoubtedly doing a great job, we all need a break from time to time and there is absolutely no shame in needing some time to yourself. Our elderly respite care services in Surrey provide you with the opportunity to take a break and look after your own needs, whilst having the peace of mind that your loved one is in safe hands. Whether you’re going to be temporarily unable to provide the same standards of care, are looking to go away on holiday or simply need a short break to recharge your own batteries, then we’re here to help at our respite care home for the elderly in Surrey.

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Respite Care Facilities for the Elderly

We’re here to take care of your loved one so that you can take the time you need to rest and recuperate. Sit back and relax with the knowledge that they are in safe, welcoming hands here at our respite care home in Woking. Our excellent team of carers are on hand to provide support twenty-four-seven, assisting our elderly residents with everything they might need. Not only are we able to provide all the care your loved one needs during their respite stay, but we encourage a range of activities so that our elderly residents can still enjoy their passions away from home.

Our care home activities help our residents to lead a full life within the comfortable and caring environment at Jackman’s Lodge. As a trusted family-run respite care provider, our committed team offers our residents outstanding support, whether they are here for the short term or long term. Our short-term respite care services give loved ones and their carers a chance to truly unwind. To learn more about our respite care home for the elderly, please get in touch with our friendly team.


Short-Term Residential Respite Care

Short-term respite stays offer an excellent opportunity to introduce your loved one to the idea of life within a care home setting. Whether just for a couple of days or a couple of weeks, a respite stay at our elderly care home can be an excellent way to test the water and experience a little of what life with us has to offer. Our elderly respite care services can help to build up confidence, while also getting to know us a little better.

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An Opportunity To Socialise

Our elderly respite care services offer an excellent opportunity for residents to socialise with others. For those who are otherwise quite isolated, or do not often have the ability to socialise very much, a stay with us can be treated almost as if it were a holiday. Your loved one can enjoy meeting new people by taking part in our exciting elderly care home activities if they wish to do so. With so many wonderful activities and a warm, welcoming community to be found here, your loved one can be sure to enjoy the break as much as you will.

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Transitioning From Hospital To Home

Taking a respite stay at our care facility in Surrey can also be perfect for those who are transitioning from the hospital and home. Short-term respite care allows your loved one to regain their confidence in their ability to perform everyday activities at their own pace, with the support of our caring team. While any necessary preparations are made at home, our team will be here to provide the care that your loved one needs.

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Will I Have To Pay For My Loved One’s Respite Stay?

You will potentially be eligible to receive funding from your local council and this will be based on a care needs assessment. If the assessments conclude that you are eligible for care home funding support, your local council will calculate the overall cost of care. You also could be eligible for NHS funding based on your situation. Read more information about the costs of respite stays at our elderly care home in Surrey here. If you have any more questions about the process or our respite care services, get in touch with our caring team today on 01483 694115 .

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Frequently Asked Questions

At our respite care home in Surrey, we understand the importance of choosing the right care facility for your loved one no matter how long they’re staying. Even if you and your loved one only require respite care for a few days, you still want them to be happy and comfortable during their short break. We’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions we hear in regard to our respite care services. Our compassionate team in Surrey go above and beyond to provide excellent temporary respite care to all of our elderly residents, so why not book a visit and see for yourself how wonderful life can be at Jackman’s Lodge? View our frequently asked questions below or call our friendly team today on 01483 694115.

What is respite care for the elderly?

Respite care for the elderly is temporary care. It is typically used as part of recovery after an accident, illness or surgery when regular carers need a break. Also valuable when additional specialised support is required, respite care can be both beneficial for the carer and the care receiver. Elderly respite care allows the regular carers to take a break but the care receiver will still receive the support they need. Being a carer for a loved one can be physically and mentally demanding. Short breaks like respite care are recommended so that the carer can recharge their batteries.

Is respite care free in the UK?

Following a needs assessment and carer’s assessment, the council will make the decision as to whether they will pay for your respite care if you or your care receiver qualify for it. If you or your care receiver do qualify for respite care, the council will do a financial assessment to work out if they will be able to pay towards it. If you do not qualify from your local council, you may need to pay for elderly respite care yourself.

Who qualifies for a respite grant?

The Carer’s Support Grant used to be called a Respite Grant. You will qualify for the annual Carer’s Support Grant if you are a carer who receives Carer’s Allowance, Carer’s Benefit or Domiciliary Care Allowance (DCA). However, even if you do not receive any of these payments, you may still be entitled to the support grant if you have been caring for the person continuously for at least six months. You must live with the person you are caring for and be easily contactable directly, such as via a telephone or alarm. If you are caring for more than one person, you will be entitled to a grant for each of them.

Is respite care the same as hospice?

Not exactly. Respite care services can include medical care but you do not need to be terminally ill to receive respite care. However, respite care can be provided to hospice patients to give their caregivers the break they need. Our respite care services in Surrey provide short-term care for the elderly when their caregiver is unable to do so or needs a break.

Can you go into a hospice for respite?

When a loved one is terminally ill, they can be checked into a care facility such as a hospice or nursing home for respite care if this is necessary. It depends on your loved ones’ individual requirements and what would be necessary for their exact care plan. If they do not need as much medical support, a residential home can provide respite care services.

Can you go into a care home temporarily?

Depending on the individual needs of your loved one, they may be eligible for elderly respite care services. If it is deemed that a move into a care home is appropriate, your loved one will be able to move into a care home on a short-term, temporary or permanent basis. A temporary stay in a care home can give the caregiver the break that they need and give the care receiver a chance to experience life in a care home.

What is the difference between rehab and respite?

Rehabilitation care will help you to recover from an injury or an illness, whereas respite care gives your caregiver a temporary break and some support.

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Get in touch with a member of our team today to find out more about our elderly respite care services in Surrey and to discuss your needs in more detail. Our staff are dedicated and hardworking, making sure that even flying visits are rewarding. When your loved one stays with us at our respite care home, we’ll make sure that they’re surrounded by all their home comforts, they’re served delicious, freshly-cooked meals and make the most of the change of scenery. With many social activities available here, all our residents are encouraged to enjoy themselves and interact with new people, try new things and rekindle that love for their favourite pastimes. Call our friendly team today on 01483 694115 to learn more about our elderly respite care services in Surrey.

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