The Impact of Activities Such As Pet Therapy in Care Homes

Research estimates that by 2026, over 2 million people over 50 years old will often feel lonely. Age UK’s thorough investigation into loneliness shares the statistics that people over 50 who live alone are 1.6 times more likely to feel lonely than those who live with other people and 5.5 times more likely if they do not have anyone to talk to when they need to open up.

Social interaction, meaningful conversations and involvement in a community are fantastic ways to combat loneliness. It can be hard to fulfil all of these needs for your loved one if you are their sole carer or if they live alone and are struggling to get out and about. The option of your loved one moving into a care home is not only beneficial in terms of physical health care, but it will also provide them with a community. Quality care homes are a fulfilling solution to the question of how to help lonely elderly people.

Not everyone is an extrovert, and we all need our alone time. However, being in a care home that offers the option to socialise, build relationships and pursue hobbies will remove many of the barriers that lead to loneliness for older people. The most beneficial activities are carefully chosen by professionals and organised in advance so residents can participate without the stress of planning. Having a community on hand just down the hall prevents practical issues that lead to isolation.

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How do activities help?

The Social Care Institute for Excellence emphasises the importance of connectedness and relationships in preventing loneliness. This expert research pinpoints activities as a successful method to improve self-awareness, self-respect, autonomy, choice and independence. Care home activities are an essential part of the care offered. Remaining active and sharing that experience by connecting with others allows older people to remain confident in their identity.

Every individual person has different interests and skills, and sharing these hobbies with others who also love them is a fantastic way to build meaningful relationships and a community. Creative activities such as crafting, music and baking are often popular ways to connect with others.

At Jackman’s Lodge, we are committed to offering our residents an excellent range of activities that reduce loneliness, build community and encourage individuality. Read on to discover some of our wonderful options.


Community Building Activities

In order to foster the development of meaningful relationships, we love to host community-building activities. These include facilitating board games, quizzes and cheese and wine afternoons for the residents to get to know our staff and one another better.

If your loved one is religious, we will do all we can to facilitate virtual services . For many, religious communities offer security, routine and vital fellowship. We hold monthly services at Jackman’s Lodge.


Pet Therapy

Pet therapy, or animal-assisted therapy, is becoming increasingly popular for treating loneliness, from children’s centres to universities to care homes. Oxford Univeristy’s research into the benefits for those in long-term residential care showed that pet therapy significantly reduced loneliness.

For those who had pets growing up or before moving to the home, interacting with the animals helped build relationships with other residents, prompting them to share stories about their much-loved furry friends. The study found that the presence of pet therapy in care homes often acts as a ‘catalyst’ for meaningful human interaction.


Fostering Creativity

At Jackman’s Lodge, we provide ample opportunities for residents to get creative in the community. Our regular activities include painting, baking, dancing and singing. We also arrange events such as craft workshops, cooking classes and live musical events. Finding common interests in creative hobbies greatly encourages meaningful relationships.


Self Care

Feeling like yourself is integral to being confident to interact with others and be an active community member. Residents love to enjoy some self-care at Jackman’s Lodge by visiting our in-house hairdresser. Each resident also has their own homely room where they can relax and have some downtime whenever they desire.


Settling In Well

How long does it take for someone to settle into a care home? This is a common question asked by relatives when their loved one moves into a care home for the first time. Of course, the process is different for each individual. However, the presence of community-building activities will significantly help your loved one settle in. Living in a quality care home will reduce loneliness and allow your loved one to easily access a connected community. 4 – 6 weeks is the average time that somebody feels settled.


About Jackman’s Lodge

Jackman’s Lodge is a peaceful, homely residence set amongst beautiful scenery. With a varied offering of curated activities and a team of friendly, professional staff, our home is an excellent choice for your loved one. We pride ourselves on creating a warm community that feels like family.

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