Do you have a loved one that could benefit from elderly respite care?

Here at Jackman’s Lodge in Woking, our residents truly make themselves at home in our warm and welcoming environment. Whether your loved one is with us for a two-week respite stay or is a permanent resident, they’ll benefit from the care they need and deserve.

Caring for a loved one can be incredibly rewarding, but it’s essential that you, as their caregiver, take some time to relax. We understand that you may be feeling guilty about needing a break, but respite care can be beneficial for both you and your loved one. We’ve put together some of the ways that you can approach the topic of elderly respite care with your loved one, helping them to understand the benefits for you both.

Understanding residential respite care services

Elderly respite care may not be an easy decision for your friend or family member. They may feel like they are losing their independence. The idea of moving into a residential respite care home, even for a temporary stay, could be making them feel overwhelmed and anxious.

The topic of respite care should be approached with kindness and compassion, reassuring your loved one that their feelings will be heard and respected. They should not be rushed into making a decision. You should make them feel supported whilst they ask questions and take the time to explain the benefits for both your loved one and you as their caregiver.

elderly careTake the time to research

Before starting the conversation about elderly respite care, it’s important to do some research. Looking into appropriate respite care services in your area will give you an idea of how they can benefit your loved one. Being able to answer your loved one’s questions will help to ease some of their anxiety before making a decision together.

If you would like to learn more about the specialist respite care services at our Woking residential home, please contact our friendly reception team straight away. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you and your loved one may have.

Choose the right time and place to start the discussion

Respite care is a subject that can be sensitive in nature, so it’s important to start the discussion at the right time and in the right place. If possible, take your loved one out somewhere neutral, such as for coffee or lunch. Their home might not be the most ideal location to approach the topic as it could result in a more emotional discussion.

Keep the focus on your loved one, not your needs

Although residential respite care services are beneficial for the caregiver, try to keep the focus on the needs of your loved one. You don’t want them to feel abandoned or like you’re excited to have time away from them. Make it clear that their needs come first and that you want what’s best for them at all times.

respite stay

Focus on the benefits

Focus on the benefits that elderly respite care could provide your loved one, such as companionship, a chance to indulge in hobbies, and a more stimulating environment. Talk to your loved one about how respite care can improve their relationship with you, and their caregiver, and help them to embrace new hobbies.

Ask someone else for help

If your loved one is not willing to have the discussion with you, try asking another friend or family member to speak to them. As you are their caregiver and close to the situation, your loved one could feel defensive and not be willing to listen. Asking someone in a neutral to help approach the topic of respite care could make your loved one more open to discussion.

Choose Jackman’s Lodge

Here at Jackman’s Lodge, we’re incredibly proud of our compassionate respite care services in Woking. We are committed to providing your loved one with outstanding levels of care. During their time at our home, they will be treated as part of our family. Our experienced team can assist with administering medication, cooking nutritional meals, and encouraging your loved one to embrace their passions and hobbies.

Elderly respite care services allow you, the caregiver, time to recuperate and a chance to attend to your own personal needs. It prevents you from becoming exhausted and worn down. Time apart is healthy and a respite stay can help you and your loved one maintain a close relationship.

If you’d like to learn more about our respite care services or need advice on how best to approach the topic with your loved one, please call our friendly team today on 01483 694299. Your loved one can even come and visit us before committing to a stay at our home.