Why recovery at home isn’t always possible

Convalescent care facilities provide specialist support while recovering from an illness, injury, or surgery. Recovery at home isn’t always possible and you might find that your loved one will benefit from a stay in a private convalescent home.

Short-term care provided by our experienced team of medical professionals could be what your loved one needs to rebuild their confidence and get back on their feet. If you think that your friend or family member may struggle with day-to-day tasks after a period of physical illness, it may be worth discussing convalescent care with them.

We’re here to talk you through some benefits of convalescent care homes, and why recovery at home isn’t always the best option. If you’re not sure how to approach the topic with your loved one, let us help.

What convalescent care facilities do we provide at Jackman’s Lodge?

Here at Jackman’s Lodge, we proudly provide 24-7 support to elderly residents as they recover from an illness.

Whether your loved one needs support after an operation, injury or a transitional form of care following a period of ill health, our compassionate live-in convalescent care services can help until they are back on their feet.

When staying at our care home in Surrey, your loved one won’t have to worry about cooking, cleaning, or any other tasks they may struggle with. We proudly provide nutritious meals and assistance with washing and dressing. Our warm and welcoming team is always available to make sure that our elderly individuals are comfortable and being taken care of.

When is it not possible for my loved one to recover at home?

If your loved one can usually take care of themselves but may struggle to complete daily tasks after a period of physical illness, a convalescent care home can help. This short–term care option can relieve families of the burden of taking care of their loved ones themselves.

A convalescent care facility can help your loved one if they will struggle to get dressed and cook their own meals while they recover. Once your friend or family member has regained their strength and confidence, they will return home.

How can my loved one benefit from live-in convalescent care?

There are many ways that your loved one can benefit from convalescent care facilities, such as:

If your loved one is in recovery from illness, they may need necessary medical attention that they wouldn’t be able to get at home. This could include equipment such as oxygen, wheelchairs, and surgical supplies.

A convalescent care home like Jackman’s Lodge can help with daily tasks like cooking, cleaning and getting dressed. Our short-term care options, like convalescent care, can provide your loved one with the support they need over a short period of time. If cooking and cleaning are something that they will struggle with while recovering from an operation, convalescent care could be the right choice to make.

Your friend or family member will also be able to receive specialist nursing care, tailored to their exact needs. We understand that each of our residents is different and will have unique requirements. Our tailored care plans give you the peace of mind that your loved one will have everything they need at our Surrey convalescent care facility.

How do I approach the topic of a long-term convalescent care home?

Approaching the subject of a convalescent care home can be difficult. If your loved one feels independent and thinks they will be able to manage their recovery by themselves, they might not be open to the conversation.

Your friend or family member may not want to move out of their home or experience a change in routine. It is understandable for them to feel that way, as a new environment can feel challenging and stressful for elderly individuals.

If your loved one has the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves, you should discuss their options with them. While recovering from their illness or injury, they may require round-the-clock care. This might not always be a viable option at home as where they live may not be suitable for any necessary equipment needs. Their family may not be able to provide them with the medical attention and care they need to fully recover.

If your friend or family member would like to learn more about the benefits of a convalescent care home, give our friendly team a call today. We will be more than happy to give them insight into life at Jackman’s Lodge. Alternatively, to learn more about our convalescent care facilities, please click here.

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