The difference between care homes and nursing homes

When the time comes for a loved one to move into care, you will be considering the best options for them and their individual needs. This would mean looking into different care facilities, deciding what’s right for your loved one and finding out who can provide a care plan for their requirements. This is where the decision between a residential home and a nursing home will come in. You may be confused about the difference between residential care and nursing care and are wondering which one could benefit your loved one the most.

Here at Jackman’s Lodge, our team is always on-hand to answer any questions you may have about our residential care home in Surrey. We’ve put together some information below on the difference between nursing care and residential care to help you make a decision with your loved one.


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What is the difference between nursing care and residential care?

Both nursing homes and residential care homes provide ongoing, round-the-clock care. However, the main difference is that a nursing home is able to provide care to a higher level, with qualified nurses on site 24/7. A residential home usually has a district nurse come onto the site as and when they are needed.

That’s not to say a residential home can’t provide a care plan for your loved one. A lot of elderly residential homes, like Jackman’s Lodge, offer specialist care facilities like dementia, respite, palliative and convalescent care.

What does a nursing care home provide?

Nursing care homes provide 24/7 care from registered nurses. All residents of a nursing home would require some form of nursing care, whether that is wound care or intravenous medication. The needs of nursing home residents are often more complex than those of residential care facilities, although care facilities can still provide elements of nursing care.

A nursing care home still provides extensive daily care to its residents but is more equipped to deal with those with complex needs like severe mobility issues and catheterisation. These qualified nurses will also be able to detect any changes in your loved one’s health and immediately take action if necessary to do so.

What does a residential care home provide?

A residential care home like Jackman’s Lodge can provide 24-hour personal care, supervision and assisted living. These types of care homes provide assistance for those who need some help with daily tasks like washing, dressing and eating but do not necessarily need nursing care.

Although some residential care homes like Jackman’s Lodge do offer specialist care facilities, they are mainly for the elderly that wish to remain independent but still require some assistance.

A residential care home will promote independent living but still have round-the-clock care available to the elderly residents that need it. They will encourage their residents to remain independent by providing residents with their own rooms but help will be available if and when necessary.

Activities like quizzes, board games and baking are all encouraged at residential care homes. Here at Jackman’s Lodge, we’re proud to be able to provide our elderly residents with delicious meals and a range of fun activities to participate in. If your loved one would prefer a more peaceful environment, they can also enjoy reading a book quietly in their room and socialising at their own leisure.

How do I decide which nursing or residential care home is right for my loved one?

Different care homes provide different levels of care so it’s always worth a phone call and a visit to the prospective homes. This way you will get the chance to meet the staff and see the atmosphere of the home for yourself, easing your mind that this is the right decision for your loved one. Upon your visit to Jackman’s Lodge, we will be able to answer any questions you may have about the difference between residential care and nursing care.

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