Gold Standard Care 

Gold Standard end-of-life care at Jackman’s Lodge

Here at Jackman’s Lodge, we are committed to providing our residents with the best possible care throughout their time at our welcoming care home. We are proud to have been awarded the highest status within the National Gold Standards Framework. Our dedicated staff work closely with residents, families and colleagues to ensure that our standard of care remains first-rate.

Let us talk you through what the National Gold Standards Framework is and how we continue to meet it at Jackman’s Lodge…

What is the National Gold Standards Framework?

Founded by Professor Keri Thomas OBE in 2000, the Gold Standards Framework is the UK’s leading training provider for workers caring for people in their last years of life. The Gold Standards Framework helps teams in all settings provide high-quality and supportive end-of-life care. The Framework proudly enables people to live comfortably and well until they pass away. Doctors, nurses and carers have received Gold Standards Framework training to improve the care of millions of people over the years since it was first founded.

Here at Jackman’s Lodge, we strive to continually develop our quality of care, supporting both residents and families alike.

What are the aims of the National Gold Standards Framework?

The Gold Standards Framework aims to:

  • Improve the quality of care for those nearing the end of life, supporting their choices
  • Improve the collaboration of the teams supporting those nearing end of life
  • Improve outcomes for people enabling more to live and die in the place and manner of their choosing

When staying at Jackman’s Lodge, your loved one will become a part of our care home family. Our nurses will take the time to get to know your loved one, their wishes and how we can best support them during their time with us. We understand it can be difficult when your loved one requires end-of-life care, which is why we go out of our way to make sure that your family feels supported.

We meet the NHS Gold Standards Framework by…

Here at Jackman’s Lodge, we are proud to meet the Gold Standards Framework. Our kind staff receive comprehensive training on how best to care for all of our elderly residents, including palliative care. As we are a Gold Standards Framework accredited care home, you can be assured that we provide the best possible environment for your loved one to blossom.

To learn more about the Gold Standards Framework and how we exceed expectations, please click here.

What do our end-of-life care services provide?

  • Our end-of-life care services can provide your loved one with:
  • An individual, tailored care plan for your loved one that is regularly assessed based on their needs
  • Emotional support for families during a time that can be overwhelming and difficult
  • A warm, welcoming and homely environment
  • The choice to participate in care home activities and enjoy their favourite hobbies
  • 24/7 round-the-clock nursing care, administering medication

Administering Medication 

Life at our Gold Standards Framework accredited home

Our team treats each of our residents as an individual. We understand that your loved one may have different likes, dislikes and wishes than our other residents. This is why our caring nurses will take the time to learn everything about your loved one. From their favourite hobby to how they take their tea, we’ll discover everything that can help us make sure that your family member is comfortable during their stay with us.

Our elderly palliative care services offer our residents everything they need. Our compassionate team will work hard to make your loved one feel at home, easing any worries or concerns that you or your family members have before they move in. We proudly provide our palliative residents with companionship, support and reassurance while tailoring their care plan to their exact needs.

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We are proud to be a Gold Standards Framework accredited care home. Our staff will go above and beyond to provide your loved one with everything they need to feel at ease during their stay. Making sure that your loved one feels dignified when receiving end-of-life care, your family member will be surrounded by companionship and support at our care home.

To arrange a viewing of our beautiful home in Surrey, or to learn more about the Gold Standards Framework, please call our friendly team today on 01483 694339.